Design Process

• Site Analysis
Our site engineers carry out a detailed site survey, capturing the exact dimensions and directions of the space, also recording the existing service areas.

• Design Scheme and space planning
The space planning is done based on the requirements, also a proposed design scheme is presented in the form of visuals and material palette.

• Budget and timelines
On receiving the approvals, a detailed cost estimate is prepared with a time schedule for construction of project.

• Construction details
Subsequently design development of the space is carried out, which includes developing the elevations of the space and generating construction details.

• Execution at site
Our project management team prepares the execution strategy for the project after which our construction team takes over carrying out actual work at site.

• Quality control
The design team frequently monitors work at site keeping a close check on the quality of materials and workmanship to ensure the construction is of impeccable quality.

• Final assessment
Finally once the site is completed a consolidated cost and design assessment report is prepared for formal closure.